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Why do we check domain age?

There can be many reasons for checking domain age.

  • When bloggers purchase hosting from a website which they are visiting for the first time, they want to check how long this website has been in this business.
  • Often when we purchase something from an e-commerce website, we want to check the domain age even before the payment option.
  • If there is a website whose Designing, Content, Way of writing and Alexa Rank is very good, then we want to check the Domain Age.

What is website or domain Age?

Domain Age Term itself shows the age of the domain when the domain name was registered. The date on which you register the domain name is called Domain Name Registration Date. Just as someone's age is known by subtracting their date of birth from today's date, similarly you can find out the age of any domain.

How to check domain age?

There are many ways to check domain age, some of which I will tell you. Search greatonlinetools.in in your browser and then type domain age checker or scroll in the search bar, then you will get that tool.

First enter your domain name like - google.com then submit the captcha and click on check and you will see the result.

You can see Domain Created on 1997-09-15, Age : 26 years, 56 days and Domain updated on : 2019-09-09, Expiry date: 2028-09-13

But is it really the case that any 10 year old domain and 6 month old domain are the same?

No, it is not at all so, here we have to understand John Miller's answer properly. John Muller has said that domain age has no value, before this John Miller had also told in an answer that Google does not care that When was this domain registered and what are its whois details?

So what does it matter?

Two things matter – firstly, when did Google index that page or that domain for the first time and secondly, when did Google get its link for the first time?

That means domain age does not matter but what matters is when the content on it was indexed.

If you buy a domain which is 10 years old but none of its content was ever indexed in Google or if it was then it was spam content, or it has been four-five years since that content was deleted, then no no value

If any other domain which is 6 months old but is continuously getting indexed in Google and you are creating better content than others, then that 10 year old domain and this 6 months or new domain both are equal.

But yes, if there is a domain which is 10 years old but at the same time there was a lot of content on it and which was getting indexed and ranked in Google till recently, then such a domain can be purchased.

Here domain age can prove to be beneficial, which means that domain age matters but only when the content on some domain is ranked, not if the domain was registered 10 years ago and no content was posted on it. Yes and he has never been of Intex



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